Hope is a Book about Hope

PMDD has destroyed countless relationships and caused untold heartache. Given that one of the primary symptoms of PMDD is 'Interpersonal Conflict', it is little wonder that over half of those with PMDD report losing a partner because of it.

Yet, there is little information or support for caregivers and partners in how to deal with such a complex condition.

With 15 years of experience living alongside PMDD and five years of providing direct peer support to hundreds of partners with PMDD, Aaron empathetically reviews what PMDD is, how it impacts a relationship and how someone can support their partner better.

What is PMDD? What does it look like? What is it like to live alongside PMDD? Can I build a PMDD proof relationship? How do I handle the rage, anger and meltdowns? What happens if my partner is not engaged with the diagnosis? How do I look after myself?

Where there is despair there can be Hope.

All profits of the book will be donated to The International Association of Premenstrual Disorders (IAPMD)

90% of partners felt that PMDD had caused them to consider ending their relationship

42% considered ending the relationship frequently or very frequently