Resources for Partners & family members of PMDD

Whilst there isn't much support available for partners and family members, there are a few places that can be accessed for support or advice. This page is intended as a start, a place where more resources can be added with time.

Zoom/Video Support Groups

IAPMD as part of its video support groups has a Peer Partner Support Group.  The group meets once per month and gives the opportunity for partners to share common experiences.

Click on the following link to find online Face to Face Peer support meetings

Online Forums/ Support Groups

Facebook: PMDD partner support group

This group only admits partners or family members.

Facebook: PMDD partner support group

This group admits partners & sufferers of PMDD

Reddit: PMDD partners Reddit

This group admits partners & sufferers of PMDD and is anonymous


Impact of PMDD on partners- not a really helpful video in terms of practical ways to manage PMDD, but more a report on a survey on the impact of PMDD on partners. From the IAPMD Roundtable Event 2021.

Survey in to the impact of partners 2021

This is a survey of almost 100 surveys that looked at the direct impact of PMDD on the mental health, attitudes and feelings of partners.


A link will appear here when Hope is available to buy.

PMDD Handbook for Partners- Liana Laverentz available on Amazon


Click here for brief advice for partners